YEG Projects to note

Visualizing City of Edmonton Budget data using Sankey Tree & other methods



Then and Now – mashups of old and new photos/google street view

then and now

From Kyle’s about page:

“I am Kyle Giesbrecht. I created this website after being inspired by the many great local websites showcasing some amazing old photographs from Edmonton’s past. One of the most common questions that I would see on these photographs is “Where is this”. Well, since I have a vested interest in Google’s street view (I’m a Google Trusted Photographer) and photograph business interiors for Google Business Views) I thought it would be neat to showcase these beautiful vintage photographs alongside the current day Google Street View images. I think this is a great way to showcase the contrast and the change that Edmonton has undergone over the years.”


food desert
A great study of the city’s food deserts or locations where access to food is a challenge.
An amazing web/smartphone app using the city’s bus data to show where all the buses should be in real time.
winter map
A very exciting project a couple years ago from the Edmonton Journal to crowdmap great winter locations around the city. Very fun.
“By analyzing the voting records of council members over the tenure of the council, we see patterns emerge, through the elements of a so-called dissimilarity matrix. Tables of numbers tend not to be as effective at communicating their content as dynamic visualizations though. We pretend that each councillor is a particle, naturally repelled from all the others. When we determine that a pair of councillors tend to vote together, we connect them with a spring. This brings the pair naturally closer together. Repeating this for every pair of councillors, we generate a “map” of the city councillors, showing which groups of councillors tend to vote together. In other words, we can visualize city blocs.”