Next meetup May 23, 2018

Join us for our BetaCityYEG meetup. We are the city and region’s citizen-led digital engagement group. Developers, civic employees, data enthusiasts, students, professionals and general engaged Edmontonians are all welcome! Please RSVP here.

We’ll have presentations from Mikel, who will be demoing open-source visualizations using open data and a variety of tools included D3, a wonderful data viz programming language.

We will have one of the teams of young women coders from the Edmonton Chapter of Technovation present on their community-serving app made over a 3-4 month sprint. The app is: Your Edmonton Guide (YEG). It is designed to help connect new Edmontonians to essential services, like health care, transport, and education. And hopefully in the future they will add things like food (both grocery stores and restaurants), clothing and furnishing stores, and whatever else they or the users feel would be of benefit to individuals learning what Edmonton has to offer. Technovation is a world-wide challenge to get young women to create apps which make the world better, this year the focus was on apps which improve the local community.

Check out our site (, a work in progress. It’s got previous community projects and future ideas.

Contact us at as well as 780-232-2175 if you have any questions. Thanks!


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