Next meetup: October 25, 2017


Hello, join us for the city and region’s monthly civic technology meetup October 25, please RSVP. Developers, civic employees, data enthusiasts, students, professionals and general engaged Edmontonians are all welcome.

We’ll have presentations about:

• Jason, the organizer of the brand new Legal Hackers Edmonton meetup (you can still sign up for their first meetup Thursday, Sep 21 at the Common) who will present on the burgeoning connections of technology and law. Among many concepts to consider, there is an effort underway to apply programming language concepts to legal contracts which has lots of juicy implications and ideas to unpack.

• William will present on using a probabilistic model and Twitter to measure basic emotions in Edmonton.

• Redeployment of the Louiseville, KY’s open-source air quality monitoring Phillips Hue integration coming to Edmonton

We’ll also have updates on exciting developments around the world in civic technology, data science for social good, and more.

Check out our site, a work in progress. It’s got previous community projects and future ideas.

Contact us at email if you have any questions. Thanks!


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