Next meetup February 28, 2018

Join us for our BetaCityYEG meetup. We are the city and region’s citizen-led digital engagement group. Developers, civic employees, data enthusiasts, students, professionals and general engaged Edmontonians are all welcome! Please RSVP here.

We are going to have a demo of an open-source virtual reality smart city experience created by Ksenia and Andrew. Try to bring your Samsung Galaxy 7 and above if you want to trial it.

Lydia will present on the giant 2-storey interactive wall going into the downtown Milner library branch. She has a sample in her office space and has some videos and research using this technology.

We’ll have updates about Technovation, a program to get high school girls experience developing apps that make the community better. Beta City co-founders, David and Lydia, were able to be at the launch event to talk about community tech in Edmonton. Stay tuned for the results of the 10-week development sprint.

Check out our site (, a work in progress. It’s got previous community projects and future ideas.

Contact us at as well as 780-232-2175 if you have any questions. Thanks!


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