Heritage Fest Interactive Infographic – complete

David Rauch made an amusing interactive tool to explore Heritage Fest 2017 (out of this PDF), enjoy!


Learn some important facts such as:
Number of dishes:  more than 540
Number of deep-fried foods:  101 (nearly 1 in 5 dishes!)
Most popular ingredient: Rice (70 dishes)
Most popular meats: Chicken (64), Beef (66), pork (33), lamb (4), goat (3), camel (1)
Most popular fruit: Mango (31)
Number of things cooked or served on a stick: skewers (23), kabab/kebab/kabob (13), stick (7), shawarma (6)
Most popular dessert: Ice Cream (25)
Popular hot beverage: A tie! coffee (18) and tea (18)
and more…
The image below is what the pdf loked like. It required quite a bit of data prep, you can see how the data ended up in the excel sheets below if you’d like.
heritage pdf

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