SMS-based Voting – Completed

Based on the success of cell phone text-based (SMS) voting in applications like American Idol and the US-based Textizen, BCYEG encouraged the creation of a DIY sms-voting tool. BCYEG is looking for organizations or individuals who want to make use of this tool. SMS voting is a useful tool for public input, as over 90% of the Albertan homes have a mobile phone while only just over 60% have a smartphone. SMS-voting allows for 30% more of the population to participate in information gathering campaigns. Below are a couple examples including one from 100 in 1 day 2016 with Edmonton’s CityLab, a poster used to help people understand whether they are in an abusive relationship, and a council project addressing urban isolation.


eps ho ho ho


The group could explor using stencils and temporary spray chalk to allow for surveying anywhere in the region.

spray chalk

Below is a view of the admin portal:

sms close

Here’s the open source code for Textizen, a US sms-voting project. The documentation has not been kept up to date, so our project did not utilize this repo.

Great story from Metro below about our public art engagement:

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