You Can Benefit – Social Benefit screener – In Progress

We’re very excited to be working with the End Poverty Edmonton group, the City of Edmonton, and E4C to develop an open-source and best in class social benefit eligibility screener. That’s a complicated way to say that we’re making a web tool that will let users enter some basic information about themselves and find out which benefit programs might be best for them. We’ve benefited from talking with folks from Prosper Canada, mRelief, and seeing the tool Primer Peso (with Code for America). The beta launch is expected November 2017. You can see a demo here.

Our tool is going to be mobile friendly, have a very friendly user interface for the E4C staff who will be inputting the benefit program rules (ie income must be under $40K and age must be over 18 etc) for each program. We have around 10 programs already sketched out from the Making Tax Time Pay program.

Code (not necessarily updated):

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