YEG Historical Photo Mapping

BetaCityYEG, with the help of volunteer Connor M, has scraped (with permission) the City of Edmonton Archives Catalogue and has created an online tool to geolocate the site’s historical images.

Similar to OldNYC, BetaCityYEG hopes to bring its city and region’s history alive with a mobile-friendly webmap. Once the interface is completed, we will crowdsource the manual task of geolocating these images. Connor has created a site that allows multiple users to gelocate an image which updates an online database, inserting the latitude/longitude.

Update: March 7, 2016

We had an amazing turnout for the Open Data Day Hackathon at the EPL Library, and we had some amazing volunteers (you know who you are, fabulous!) who mapped over 225 photos. We made a little map interface just for QA, but you can see some preliminary results at this link.

historic photo map.GIF

Always glad to get a shoutout from the press:

Edmonton Journal

630 CHED


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