Chicago Building Age Map Redeploy – Completed – $50


BCYEG recently found a volunteer to redeploy the Chicago Building Age map in Edmonton, thanks, HomeTribe. See the link here (or click the picture) and explore our history. Data is currently available on open data. Link to come!
Below is a link to the Chicago project and the open source code for the redeploy:
Please contact the email below, BCYEG can offer a $50 honorarium for the redeploy:

One thought on “Chicago Building Age Map Redeploy – Completed – $50

  1. Hey I’ve actually looked into this before but it’s not quite as simple as redeploying the code from Chicago.

    Edmonton has released data but it’s not comprehensive in that it’s in separate parts / pieces. The best you can do with the property data is plot a bunch of points which is easy enough, but there are no polygons representing the legal land parcel itself.

    To do as per Chicago with building outllines you’d need a set of data for the building polygons including all the meta data for property attached to polygons for year built, etc., or the legal parcels upon which you are overlaying / joining the building outlines.

    Right now you have to somehow combine the two sets which is inexact and challenging – the property as a single point and the polygons don’t necessarily line up and properties often have multiple buildings even if a point and polygon do overlap. ie. a house and a garage or a condo development with multiple buildings on it may be associated to one parcelled property (point).

    If the city released all the property data with polygons for the lot lines (which they have) this would be doable. I’ve asked GeoEdmonton about it before and even for non-commercial use they told me that data would cost $20,000!

    If anyone has a contact in the city with access to better data this is an achievable project.


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