Welcome to Beta City

Beta City YEG is Edmonton’s citizen driven meetup aiming to better understand and improve our city through connection and technology.

Monthly meetup

Last Wednesday of the month
7:00–8:00 PM
Virtual meetup_

We are committed to running safe and harassment-free events, and follow Startup Edmonton’s Code of Conduct.

Who should join us?

This meetup is for anyone who is interested in encouraging the exploration and understanding of our city, and enabling citizens through data and technology!

Though there may be data analysts, programmers and tech-skilled citizens in the group, you do not have to have any technical knowledge to attend. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about and improving our city.


Do you have a community question or problem you would like to explore? Do you want to share your expertise and hear about challenges our local community is having around tech and data?

You’ve come to the right place. Come hang out with with other tech do-gooders!


Join Us

Meetups are currently running virtually.
Use the meetup link for access!

What to Expect

Welcome & introductions
Meetup topic (community collaborator question or project proposal, workshop, presentation)
Discussion + networking

Our Values

Citizen driven

Our initiatives and meetups are driven by citizens genuinely interested in bettering our communities.

Open and collaborative

We leverage open source data to learn and solve problems, and draw on the expertise in our community to help others learn and grow their technical skills.


We welcome diverse voices, and believe that a safe and respectful environment will spark innovative and inclusive new ideas for our city!

Featured Projects